Radical Acceptance

By: Tara Brach

I am a big fan of Tara’s. I believe that many of us grow up believing that there is something wrong with us, that we are deficient and unworthy. Tara talks about how to deal with the anxiety of imperfection. She believes that a feeling of deficiency is at the root of much of our suffering. We are afraid of being rejected and carry a sense of shame into many of our endeavors. She addresses hoe to bring Radical Self-Acceptance into all phases of our lives. Most of our early care givers were doing the best that they were capable of but left us with a feeling of unworthiness. I believe our society in general supports this belief as well. Our school systems reward the students at the top but leave the majority of students feeling like they don’t measure up in some ways. Freeing ourselves from shame. She talks about self-aversion and feelings of unworthiness. She provides many meditations to help us deal with these issues. I like the fact that she assumes that many of us deal with the issue of imperfection.

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